"Starting this Thanksgiving I am going to write a complete Unix-compatible software system called GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix), and give it away free to everyone who can use it." September 27, 1983 - Richard Stallman. gnu.org/gnu/initial-announceme

Happy birthday to GNU \o/

Shout-out to the people who are legit trying to make the world a better place.

Just sitting around and thinking about my opinions (all of which are good) and how I arrived at them (born knowing everything)

I ate a bagel today. It was good but god damn the bagel coma is real

is your child a communist? 

they may be running "Linux", a known communist operating system that's handed out to everyone free of charge (imagine!) and comes with the built in commands "cp" (Communist Party), "ls" (Left Socialism), "rm" (Revolutionary Marxism), and "cat" (Communism at All Times)


Electoral strategy:

Why is it that the dems are always talking about how they need to appeal to repub voters, and never the reverse? My first thought was that American voters are really just predominantly cruel and racist so the dems have to try to appeal to that, but I really don't think that's the case. More likely the districts are gerrymandered so hard that the areas where the cruel racist voters live are where the contests are decided.

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TikTok ban:

My prediction is they are going to cancel it at the last minute. Threatening the ban will get a lot of publicity, especially on the TikTok platform itself, then when the ban is dropped Trump can take credit for "saving" TikTok. Create a crisis and then save us from the crisis you yourself created, is straight out of the Trump playbook.

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On the topic of SCOTUS, why are its members called "Justice?" Like they are the physical embodiment of the abstract concept of justice?

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So, we're doing uspol tonight? Seems like the right night for it.

On the new SCOTUS vacancy, my guess is the senate will claim this is different from 2016 because it was Obama's 2nd term and therefore we were assured a new pres whereas now ofc Trump is going to be reelected therefore might as well confirm a justice now. Utter bullshit of course but if they say it like they believe it that will be all the justification they need.

rosh hashanah, crude humor 

My mother made a challah! What did she do to deserve a son like me

"No one is forced to use Facebook" 

I hear that often, but I know of many people who had to create accounts and start to use Facebook for things like classes, community participation, and family communication. It's assumed you have it, and we don't make affordances for those who don't.

Perhaps we're not forced with violence or laws, but we are strongly coercing each other to use it. I never created an account for various reasons, and I have lost touch with people as a result.

"You actually don't need to be open-minded about Oracle, you are wasting the openness of your mind ...What you think of Oracle, is even truer than you think it is. There has been no entity in human history with less complexity or nuance to it than Oracle."

People express dismay at that 2016 photo of Trump with tech's leaders around a Trump Tower boardroom table, aghast that these people who run our tech world were willing to meet with a racist bully.


Fair enough.

But even more alarming is something rarely commented upon:



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The Wisdom of Kahless 

Long ago, a storm was heading for the city of Quin'lat. Everyone took protection within the walls except one man who remained outside. Kahless went to him and asked what he was doing.

I am not afraid," the man said. "I will not hide my face behind stone and mortar. I will stand before the wind and make it respect me." Kahless honoured his choice and went back inside.

The next day, the storm came, and the man was killed.

The wind does not respect a fool.

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