Today on This Is the Year Of Linux on Desktop, I try to install Flatpak on Majaro Linux running on the Pinebook.

“Choose a provider for xdg-desktop-portal-impl:

1: xdg-desktop-portal-gtk 1.7.1-1 extra
2: xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.19.2-1 extra”

Man, Apple must be shaking in their boots.

#SuchUsability #WTFDoesThatEvenMeanAndWhyShouldICare

DS9 live tooting ; S5E1 

Gawron has...impressive eyes

I dunno who needs to see this, but relax your jaw.

This makes me sad. Of all the places you'd think you could avoid proprietary platforms, the Free Software Foundation would have been at the top of the list. 😞

something arrived today, definitely a holy grail for me...

a Weather Star 4000! this is the box that at one point, among other things, generated the Local on the 8s graphics for the Weather Channel

(small thread)

@eldaking This is exactly why I get massively set off by issues in proprietary software but am super patient with issues in libre.

When there's a problem in proprietary software I often feel like it's an attack on me, either by way of deliberate feature restriction, or unwillingness to route my payments to the actual software I paid for.

But bugs in libre mostly make me think, well I'm sure they're doing their best, I love them just for making this and sharing it with me.

Namecheap: sends an email about how they're working to protect my privacy

Me: cool, I appreciate that, thanks

**2 days later**

Namecheap: please fill out this survey to tell us how we're doing

Me: sure, I'm happy to provide some feedback

* What industry do you work in
* How many people live in your house
* How many dependents do you have
* etc

Me: 🙄

Apparently the new iPad OS includes a new "universal search" feature which according to The Verge "can be used as an app launcher, to find contacts or documents, or even search within apps that support the feature."

My Palm Pre did that ... in 2009. RIP WebOS.

walked across the house to open the units program in a terminal so I could convert 20 cups to gallons

look, I got my PhD in physics, not grade-school math

Oh it worked!

"#Linux is my creative work daily driver, on 95% #libre and #FOSS tools. A few years ago it was the opposite, I was on 95% proprietary tools. It is often said that you cannot be on Linux if you do #creative work for a living, but I have transitioned across the last few years and love it. With the advances in #librecreative software the workflows just keep getting better and better. This collection shows some snapshots of my setup and how I use it."

No to .io, yes to .xyz

Post targeted at all the #FOSS developers out there. Choose your #tld wisely.

#deleteio #notoio

I just noticed there's a De-Googling guide at the bottom of my DDG search results page. How handy!

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