Today on This Is the Year Of Linux on Desktop, I try to install Flatpak on Majaro Linux running on the Pinebook.

“Choose a provider for xdg-desktop-portal-impl:

1: xdg-desktop-portal-gtk 1.7.1-1 extra
2: xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.19.2-1 extra”

Man, Apple must be shaking in their boots.

#SuchUsability #WTFDoesThatEvenMeanAndWhyShouldICare

@bgcarlisle you will have to cohabitate with your interspecies polycule @tashucashew

@splatt9990 @codesections My absolute favorite perl idiom is that you can write

$dbi->connect or die;

and it does exactly that.

DS9 live tooting ; S5E1 

Gawron has...impressive eyes

@thomasfuchs if the rona doesn't getcha the methyl alcohol in the hand sanitizer will.

@dirt I almost cried at the Wawa after I went all the way there and they were closed for renovations and I couldn't get my pretzel....wait what were we talking about?

link to a video of a snake pissing, shitting, and farting 

@swirlz Ordered!

link to a video of a snake pissing, shitting, and farting 

@swirlz My 7-year old son literally asked me how do snakes poop a few weeks ago. All I had to tell him at the time was "out their butts." Now I have to show him this. Thank you 🙏

@Miredly I went to the dentist just a few days ago. Apparently I've cracked a bunch of fillings. She asked me if I clench my jaw in my sleep. I answered, not in my sleep.

I dunno who needs to see this, but relax your jaw.

This makes me sad. Of all the places you'd think you could avoid proprietary platforms, the Free Software Foundation would have been at the top of the list. 😞

@karan I bought my house last year, quarantine gave me the perfect opportunity to run cat6 through the walls.

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