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I had the air conditioner repaired today.

Still kinda scared to turn it back on though.

anime, amazon 

Evangelion 3.0+1.0 has a worldwide release date! And it's in less than 2 months! 🤩

It's solely available streaming on Amazon Prime 🤮

@jeffalyanak I don't have a specific brand or vendor to recommend but try looking for Raspberry Pi power cables - versions before the 4-series use micro usb and they often have an in line switch.


I prefer zfs or btrfs or ext4, but when you have to use windows, what are you going to do

(And in case I didn't mention it, Penguicon 2021 is online, so you'll be able to participate online)

(And you can participate online too. Register here: )

54 years ago, ST:TOS episode A Taste of Armageddon aired. In it, a culture has computer simulated war for 500 years and "casualties” tailed by the machine must report to euthanasia chambers. At the end, Kirk gives a speech.

Death, destruction, disease, horror... that's what war is all about, that's what makes it a thing to be avoided. You've made it so neat and painless you've had no reason to stop it.

Liz is reading "Zoflaya the Moor", scandalous gothic novel by Charlotte Dacre from 1806. She read to me a fantastic bit of drama between two anti-heroines. The style is so good that I immediately pasted it into GPT3 to see if it could keep up the tone, but to make it more relevant to my interests, I changed the names of the anti-heroines to those closer to my heart, namely Richard M. Stallman, and Eric S. Raymond, a place name, and a half-sentence or two of related references, and let it run:

My son's scout troop meets in a room in a Catholic church. The church is requiring all adult volunteers to complete their youth protection training which they call "VIRTUS." I can think of nothing other than this classic 4chan post.

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Me at 11 am this morning: I've got a neat idea for a story, I want to write it.

I might want to work on it from my desktop or laptop or mobile device, so I should use some kind of cloud editor. But I don't want to put my stuff in the hands of Google or any other 3rd party, let me see if I can self host something.

Me at 11 pm: so, Nextcloud is slow and buggy, Onlyoffice screwed over their open source users, Filestash is docker only, this all sucks, and meanwhile I haven't written a word.


Tech types! Hear me now!
When it comes to a private texting app, please reply below after voting to briefly explain why you use/recommend...

@reay Signal. Originally tried it because of endorsements by EFF and Snowden. Continue to use it because I managed to get my spouse, parents, mother-in-law, and nearly all of the other people I care about communicating with on to it, and I don't think I could manage that again.

Does anyone remember when the price of a stock was supposed to be equal to the present value of future dividends? No?

The most powerful technology the United Federation of Planets have in Star Trek isn't phasers or warp drives but simple empathy and compassion for other people.

And yes I'm aware that this is no longer a thing in modern Star Trek but I'm going to keep the flame alive.

intel CPU history 

intel has made a fuck ton of CPUs. do you know how many? lots of them. every new process requires new factories and all kinds of waste. but did you know there's a DARK secret? ok maybe not DARK or a secret, but something really worth digging in to. so let's look at the history here

Happy birthday to TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR. sbemail #58, "dragon" was originally released on January 13, 2003.

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