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The in-laws bought us a piano. Ostensibly for the kids but I'm excited to learn to play it too. Somebody in our house will need to be able to play it before the next time they come to visit.

Ok, hear me out:

When I used Amazon Prime (through my browser), my laptop would get really hot. I took it as the way streaming works and such.

Now I'm using the stream from my cloud and, even if it is getting hotter, it is nowhere NEAR as hot.

And I bet I could get even less hotter if I played the songs locally.

But what's the difference between Prime Music and my cloud?


DRM not only is bad for you, it's bad for the environment.

the reasons these french people have stated for breaking quarantine are excessively French lmfao

Trying out auto-shift in my keyboard's firmware. The idea is that yOu hold down a key slightly longer than normal and you get its shifted version. I like the idea since reaching for the shift key with my pinky can be a strain. downsides are 1) can no longer hold down a to get aaaaaaaaaa and 2) my text sometimes cOmeS Out LOOking like thiS if I'm not careful.

domestic life 

Spouse: *knocks on bedroom door*

Me: *opens door*

Spouse: Why'd you lock the door?

Me: I didn't lock the door. I don't know why it was locked.

Child, appearing out of his room, past bedtime: I locked the door because Dad was typing too loud.

Time to look into options for silencing my keyboard, I guess.

I need a super silent mechanical keyboard. Is there such a thing?

probably a bad linguistic take 

Not a fan of the proliferation of "y'all" around the internet. Anecdotally I've noticed it becoming much more widely used over the last year or so. Makes me feel like I'm living in some southern hellhole.

Typing nothing in particular just to practice on a new keyboard layout 

I ate an orange today. It was great. It's been a while since I had a real orange. Lately we've been buying those tiny oranges that are easy to peel. They call them clementines or cuties, I've seen them called halos too. Those are good too but a nice navel orange just hits different, you know? Anyway, we bought a whole box. I like fruit.


I really liked season 1. Lorca was a great character. Mirror universe is overdone, maybe, but that didn't bother me. The major failing of S1 is they set the stakes too high for the climax. "We have to stop the bad guys or it's the end of the universe." Well guess what, I've seen TNG so I know the universe didn't end here. Way to kill the tension.

What they should have done was put the mycelial network at stake. Since it never shows up again I would have credibly believed those stakes.

uspol, billionaires 

I can kinda-sorta see putting him or someone like him in a monetary policy role. Like, maybe he knows about the magic interest rates that will make line go up.

But that's a terrible reason to put him in charge of the entire department of the treasury.

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uspol, billionaires 

I hear Biden is looking at Jamie Dimon for secretary of the treasury? For real? Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

The secretary of the treasury is the person in charge of the IRS. The US is missing a ton of money because the rich aren't paying their taxes. The IRS needs to be going after these rich assholes to force them to pay what they owe.

Rich people hate paying taxes and there is no way someone like Dimon is going to crack down on his buddies.

Remember remember
The fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot

I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

This USSR poster from 1971 aged like fine wine

Illusory benefits of democracy
disappearing in the States like smoke.
Lawmakers there are spreading
rule of police and the baton.


Seriously, fuck the democratic party.

Once again poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

DRM is evil. If someone won't sell you DRM free media on your terms, pirate it. RESIST.

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